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Antabuse tablets 200mg contain disulfiram that is used to treat chronic alcohol dependence by causing unpleasant reaction in combination with alcohol ingestion to act as a deterrent.


Buy Dissulfiram (Antabuse) online

Buy Dissulfiram (Antabuse) online.

Antabuse tablets 200mg are used to treat and manage chronic alcohol dependence as part of an integrated programme of counselling and rehabilitation, to help alcoholics remain alcohol free once they have given up drinking alcohol.  Alcohol dependence or alcoholism is considered an addictive disease that can result in physical and psychological addiction to alcohol that can influence all aspects of life, causing dysfunctional behaviour and affecting relationships and the workplace.  Alcoholism has recognizable symptoms, including the inability to stop drinking, the need to drink more for the same effect, craving alcohol above anything else, and withdrawal symptoms, such as anxiety, sweating, tremor, tachycardia (increased pulse rate and, nausea, if the interval between drinks increases or attempts are made to give up drinking.  Antabuse tablets 200mg help break the habit of alcohol dependency by acting as a deterrent to drinking alcohol, but will only work as part of a supportive program and requires commitment and motivation to remain alcohol-free. 

Our attention has been drawn to an article written by Daniel A. Kinderlehrer MD, where Antabuse (Disulfiram) has an off-label use in the treatment of Lyme disease. Laboratory studies conducted at Stanford University showed Disulfiram as the most potent agent out of twenty, against Borrelia burgdorferi, the microorganism considered responsible for Lyme disease.
It should be noted with caution that positive laboratory studies do not always translate into effective treatments in the human body. However, the results are encouraging and warrant further study. As always, when considering a new medical treatment option, advice should be sought from your doctor before proceeding.

Disulfiram, likewise known by the brand name Antabuse, is utilized as a powerful therapy for constant liquor addiction by debilitating the utilization of liquor.

During the 1930s, laborers in the elastic business saw they were getting wiped out in the wake of drinking liquor. These laborers were managing tetraethyl thiuram disulfide. In the later 1940s, when disulfiram was given in an examination on stomach afflictions, the individuals who devoured liquor likewise turned out to be sick. After that point, examines started to affirm that disulfiram and liquor were not a decent blend.

In 1951, the FDA endorsed disulfiram for the treatment of liquor addiction in the US. At first, the medication was recommended in extremely high portions, frequently as high as 3,000 mg for each day, as indicated by eMedicine. The high portions prompted reports of serious responses, some of which were lethal. This constrained the prescribed dose to be brought down, and the medication started being utilized to help restraint. Today, the medication is fabricated in the US by PLIVA and conveyed by Odyssey Pharmaceuticals.

At one time, researchers thought that preceding recommending disulfiram to individuals, they ought to have the experience of blending the medication in with liquor in a managed setting. Analysts felt it was significant for people to have full information on what might occur in the event that they blended disulfiram and liquor. This training is not, at this point utilized, however, it is basic that each individual is taught the responses of consolidating liquor with disulfiram before a remedy is composed.

Also, while taking disulfiram, people should be observed and directed for the best result. The prescription doesn’t comprise compulsion treatment all by itself.

How the Medication Works

At the point when liquor enters the body, it is changed over into acetaldehyde and afterward into acidic corrosive. Disulfiram hinders the transformation from acetaldehyde to acidic corrosive, bringing about an upsurge of acetaldehyde, which is harmful and makes the individual become sick. Note that disulfiram doesn’t treat withdrawal from liquor nor does it lessen longings for liquor. It is planned as a hindrance to drinking. Disulfiram should be taken consistently to guarantee the metabolic cycle keeps, diminishing the longing to drink liquor.

Disulfiram is scattered in tablet structure and taken orally one time every day. It is whitish in shading, scentless, and boring. Disulfiram comes in 250 mg or 500 mg tablets. The most extreme suggested day by day measurement is 500 mg.

Try not to take Disulfiram for at any rate 12 hours subsequent to drinking liquor. It is imperative to tell your PCP and drug specialist all medications you are taking as some may contain even moment hints of liquor.


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