Tina Danza Live Badder


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Tina Danza Live Badder

Tina Danza Live Badder online

One gram of live badder.

Total Terpenes: 8.44%
Dominant Terpenes: Terpinolene, beta-Caryophyllene, Limonene

Cultivated by: Indigo Gardens

Tina Danza is a decent crossbreed that has won fans because of its power and intense, significant flavor. Made by the California-based reproducing activity Swamp Boys Seeds, it is a cross between two of their own exclusive strains: Georgia Pine and Triangle Kush. Tina Danza’s THC content has been estimated at somewhere in the range of 18% and 25%.

Tina Danza’s blossoms are little to medium in size and stick together in a tightened, pinecone-like development. The buds have an evidently hybridized structure, with the strong center regular of numerous indicas and wispy leaves that curve outward in a more Sativa design. These leaves themselves are a dim shade of backwoods green and are shot through with restored and earthy colored pistils. At long last, a cover of translucent trichomes covers every single noticeable surface, making these blossoms tacky to the touch.

Blossoms of Tina Danza have an overwhelmingly fruity fragrance, with some particular traces of berry. A second whiff of the relieved buds may get on some tart lemon notes too. Crushing or splitting up the blossoms, then, emits a greater amount of an astringent alkali like smell. At the point when Tina Danza is combusted in a line or a joint, it emits an impactful and bitter smoke that may tickle the sinuses or sense of taste. On the breathe out, this smoke has a fruity and somewhat compound taste.

This Live Resin Badder is an affectionately created concentrate that is whipped to the ideal consistency and extricated from new frozen cannabis. This badder is nectar gold in shading, flaunts an exceptional 4–10% terpene range, and is stuffed to the edge with new organic product flavors and traces of pine.

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