Red bull xtc pills


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Red bull xtc pills

Red bull xtc pills.

We do sell the best quality xtc pills at competivite rate. THE FAMOUS NEON PINK REDBULL XTC PILLS. PUREST MDMA XTC PILLS ON THE MARKET

‘’Gives you wings for real’’

Logo: RedBull
Color: Red
Dosage: 260mg

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One of the more formidable presses around this will definitely not disappoint. With these pills you get a great bang for your buck.

Each pill contains 300mg netto, 273mg brutto with a possibility of 5% variation.
This is a strong pill. Be cautious not to take more than your body can handle. Message me if you do not know how to take these pills safely.

We try our best to make sure you receive all your pills uncrushed but we do not give you any guarantee as there is a high chance it could be crushed during transit.
We know how important is it for you to receive the best and best is what you will receive.

This pills are very strong and not for beginners so most be taken with caution. we can stamp different colours and has an nice stamp!

[SPECIAL DEAL] Red Bull xtc pills 300MG

Nice hardpressed Red Bull pills.
250MG Bruto clean 82% MDMA.
Labtested Pill.
Its possible you get them in silver or gold. Same strength same pill. Only other color.

Red Bull xtc pills Pressed with the best MDMA of known worldwide for being the best out there.

We now release this version of our own.. Red Bull xtc pills ★230 MG MDMA★
Branded with “Red Bull” name, known brand worldwide for being smooth and consistent hit always.

Always feel good and always dosed right! Get them now from!

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