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White Fire OG wax is more of a Sativa-leaning variety of hybrid. White Fire OG wax. It has a strong kick of initial potency but its overall character is pleasant and doesn’t cause anxiety in the vast majority of people.

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THC: 84%
CBD: 0.23%
CBN 0.23%

Wax is an opaque, solid substance that is produced via a similar process as shatter. In appearance, wax looks buttery, and it does not have the same translucent appearance as shatter. Different wax consistencies are created using varying oil textures and different moisture and heat levels. Variations of wax include the following:

Budder: A gooey wax form that has more moisture and is runnier than other concentrates. It is created by whipping the extract while purging it. The whipping effect adds air to the extract, which turns it into a solid upon cooling.
Budder is the smoothest and creamiest of the waxes.
Crumble and honeycomb: Wax with a soft, yet brittle, texture.
Sugar crumble: Known for its crystallized surface and crumbly texture, sugar crumble is easy to handle because it is not very sticky.
Wax crumble: Similar to sugar crumble, but with a smoother surface. Wax crumble is not sticky, and it’s creamier than sugar crumble.

White Fire OG (in some cases called Wifi OG) is an Indica-prevailing (60/40 Indica) half and half strain of cannabis. Its THC level consistently comes to up to 25 percent while its CBD content is very low – by and large around 0.5 percent.
An offspring of two grounded strains – Fire OG Kush and The White – White Fire OG has gotten very famous all through clinical and recreational dispensaries in the West. Initially reared in the mid-2000’s it has gained notoriety for a special look and regularly high strength.
White precious stones cover the plant-like snow on its barrel-formed, tight buds. The smell is diesel fuel and gritty. Some have identified pepper and lemon in the taste while others have said it’s all the more sweet, musky, and oaky.
Despite the fact that it inclines towards the Indica side, Wifi OG has cerebral impacts, offering energy and core interest. The exciting profile likewise implies that individuals can utilize it in the first part of the day and late morning and not get excessively lethargic. For recreational clients, this spice might be fit for inventive and social exercises.
In light of the high THC and the low CBD, Wifi OG isn’t appropriate for clinical patients with genuine problems like epilepsy. All things considered, individuals with gloom, uneasiness, hunger misfortune, and torment find that it suits their requirements. Some may discover the smoke somewhat cruel on the admission, which may not be appropriate for individuals attempting to try not to hack because of torment or lung disturbance.
The primary surge is solid and inspiring and individuals have revealed 3-hour highs with this specific strain of weed. Some have referenced a confined inclination in the face and eyes that are warm and charming.


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