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Mango Skunk is a feminized photoperiod cannabis strain brought to you by the master growers at Nirvana Seeds – world-class Amsterdam-based breeders. This fruity hybrid has a production of up to 550 g/m² of dense, fruity buds after an 11-week flowering period owing to her Mango x (Skunk Special x Jock Horror) genetic lineage. Buy Skunk Mango CBD Seed


Buy Skunk Mango CBD Seed

Mango Skunk brings together two highly respected and sought-after marijuana strains. The mother was a clone of the delicious and potent Mango strain with a Skunk-dominant Venus Flytrap providing the pollen. It is an indica-dominant strain with big, wide fan leaves and a lighter green colour than many cannabis plants.

Mango Skunk has three main pheno-types two of which are shorter, denser indica-style plants with a third leaning more towards the sativa-side being taller and lankier. Predominantly an indoor plant, especially at higher latitudes, it has very good production potential with typical yields of between 450 – 550 gr/m2 under 600 watt lights in a SoG set-up in 9 – 11 weeks of flowering.

  Mango Skunk Aroma

The aroma of this strain is subtly fruity with a creamy and earthy undertone to it. When smoked or vaped it becomes exceedingly clear how well it is named as it tastes strongly of mango with Haze and spicy cinnamon notes. The undoubted sativa influence of its ancestral Jack Herer and Skunk Special genetic background are also present in its effect which is euphorically uplifting, stimulating, active and long-lasting. This is a truly lovely weed with a very more-ish flavour. Buy Skunk Mango CBD Seed

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