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Abusive OG Strain Info:

Abusive OG Strain is a popular strain of cannabis. The 10 cannabis strains you need for your cannabis supply.

This weed offers an extremely potent high with a moderate THC level and CBD level. Abusive OG Strain is an indica strain from California which is believed to be the descendant of OG Kush.

Users describe this high as having an immediate onset of a happy, euphoric, energized cerebral head rush that leaves them highly motivated and focused. This is attended by a slowly building relaxing body high that leaves you utterly relaxed with considerable pain relief and a nearly overwhelming case of the munchies. This indica body high is accompanied by an unusually potent cerebral head high reminiscent of a Sativa Strain.

Due to its potency, OG is said to be the best strain for conditions such as chronic pain due to injury or illness, appetite loss, anxiety and insomnia. Abusive OG buds have an earthy, spicy aroma with a hint of lemon taste, similar to a spicy lemon skunk with hints of herbal green tea. Buy cannabis UK.

Where to Buy marijuana in the UK:

These buds have small round dense dark forest green nugs with thick orange hairs and a fine layer of sandy milky white trichomes. Contrary to its abrasive name, Abusive OG Strain Review is known for its mellowing qualities. This hybrid is indica dominant and has OG Kush as one of its genetic traits. It has tastes of pine, lemon and fuel. The nugs are vicious and covered in trichomes and orange pistils. Abusive OG Strain produces a mellowing body high that some patients find great for relieving anxiety.

The cannabis strain Abusive OG originated in the California area for a reason; it is also referred to as OG Kush. It has provided many users relief and relaxation, whether they are complete beginners or experienced sativa veterans.

Abusive Og Kush:

This OG strain is a testament to the longstanding capabilities of Hash Plant and its hybrid descendants. The earthy spice aroma with subtle lemon undertones can help cure minor ailments such as pain, anxiety, appetite loss and sleeplessness. However, this humble strain is not very impressive in terms of yields. It’s worth it, though, because this marijuana produces masses of sticky resin covering even the smallest nooks and crannies.

A 100% pure indica strain that is a California-grown descendant of the famed OG Kush strain, Abusive OG has 13-18% THC and 2-5% CBD with a powerful cerebral head high. It provides fast onset of happy, euphoric, and energetic effects. Users say it relieves pain and hunger by making them feel sativa-like. Due to its intensely potent effects, Abusive OG Strain is perfect for chronic pain relief or managing symptoms of conditions like anxiety, insomnia, and chronic illness. The earthy pepper aroma and dense nuggets give this strain an otherworldly quality.

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