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Full chemical name: 2-(4-chloro-2,5-dimethoxyphenyl)-N-[(2-methoxyphenyl)methyl]ethanamine

Other names:2C-C-NBOMe, NBOMe-2C-C, 25C-NBOMe

CAS number of substance: 1227608-02-7

Physical properties: Bright fine powder

Formula: C18H22CINO3

Molar mass of the substance: 335,83 g/mol

Purity of the preparation: Over 99%

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Buy 25I-NBOMe online

Buy 25C-NBOMe Online. 2C-NBOMe (Item No. 9001096) is an analytical reference standard that is structurally categorized as a phenethylamine. 25C-NBOMe is a derivative of 2C-C having an N-(2-methoxybenzyl) addition at the amine. 2C-C is a known hallucinogen that stimulates monoamine receptor activity and inhibits the re-uptake of serotonin and norepinephrine in rat brain synaptosomes (IC50 = 31 and 63 μM, respectively). The N-(2-methoxybenzyl) addition to 2C-NBOMe increases the affinity and selectivity for the 5-HT2A receptor over other serotonin receptors. Radiolabeled 25C-NBOMe has been used for positron emission tomography imaging of the 5-HT2A receptor in porcine brain.4 This product is intended for forensic and research uses.

25C-NBOMe FOR Sale

Our store offers psychedelics for sale. You can find analogues to popular psychedelic drugs online. Many of designer drugs are necessary for researchers and laboratory workers, but banned in many countries. That’s why in Chinese laboratories their analogues are synthesized. If you want to buy 2C-C analogue, 25C-NBOMe is a great option. 25C-NBOMe history started in 2010 when it was created as a potent agonist.

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Order 25C-NBOMe

Before you place your order 25C-NBOMe, have a look at its possible effects and dosage.
25C-NBOMe form is a clumpy white powder. 25C-NBOMe taste is bitter and reminds metallic.

25C-NBOMe dosage must be chosen in proper way taking into account 25C-NBOMe side effects. 25C-NBOMe could be insufflated (25C-NBOMe dose in such way is about 200-500 µg) and bucally (about 300-600 µg).

25C-NBOme reminds by its effects well-known LSD. However, its not so potent.
25C-NBOMe effects include:

  • Euphoria;
  • Visual effects;
  • Increased mood;
  • Stimulation effects;
  • Creative thinking;
  • Awareness is increasing as well as appreciation of sound.

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